This blog is about seeing the beauty in life. It’s about finding all that is appealing and fun, it’s my discovery of what presses my ‘happy’ button. (Hey, that rhymes!) This is basically going to be me gushing on about things which matter to me, and induce some strong emotion. It’s about not getting bogged down by mundane day-to-day matters, and becoming all jaded and cynical … it’s about finding reasons to smile and laugh and feel.

Yes, life can get tough and complicated, and sometimes the best of us feel disillusioned … and wonder what’s the point, anyway. We question our purpose, our goals, our means to attain the ends. We all have our personal demons to face. Getting low now and again is perfectly acceptable, but what matters is how long you stay there, and how soon you pick yourself up. And for that, if only you look around … you’ll find all those reasons to smile. It’s those little things which make you go on, you know? Listening to a song you loved once upon a time; watching the rain streak down a window pane while you’re warm and cozily tucked in bed; munching on a bar of chocolate; feeling the wind tantalizingly running its fingers through your hair; reading a new book, or just hanging out with your best buddies and doing nothing, really …

Ultimately it’s about seeing your own rainbow … splitting the white light of monotony into a splash of vivid colors.

I probably sound like Giselle from the movie Enchanted, or Anne Shirley of Green Gables … cheerful and positive and staunch believer of happy endings. I’m not like that, not much. But I’d like to be someone who brings happiness to others. And I can’t do that without being happy myself first. Which boils down to actually having a description of what makes me happy, all in one place, accessible when I’m down and out … which is here, Sunlit Prism.

Hence, this blog🙂

Of course, I may deviate a lot and blabber on endlessly about things which really bug me. But to start off, I’ll try sticking to the glass-is-half-full perspective. So come, pick up your prism and let’s start seeing rainbows all around!


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