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Of tooth troubles and darling daughters

When I was about seven, my baby teeth started falling out. I was exceptionally proud of this fact, because I was the first kid in my class to start losing my milk teeth and getting my permanent ones, Those were also the days when kids used to excitedly show off their new erasers, pencils, pencil boxes and assorted paraphernalia in school. I was quite keen to start a new trend by showing off my teeth – not just the resulting gap in my mouth, but the actual tooth in a box. Continue reading

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Where does the heart lie?

I have a theory that I leave a little piece of my heart in every place I have ever lived – there is a sizable chunk which lives in Indore, a big piece resides in Pune, a couple of fragments in Goa and Nagpur, and most recently, a pretty significant portion in NYC. It makes for a pretty picture – a heart in pieces which span cities, countries, even continents … almost like non-creepy Horcruxes: neither deliberate, nor for immortality – these ensure that I am home no matter where I go. Continue reading

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A memory for my Pensieve

I am a Ravenclaw. My favorite subject is Charms, and I am particularly adept at producing a corporeal Patronus (it’s a Golden, er, silver Retriever). Potions is a close second; my current project is to brew a perfect batch of … Continue reading

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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

I’ve been holding off on this post, mostly because I don’t want to be the seasonal blogger, who gets inspiration to write solely from changes in the atmosphere. Does nothing else touch me, affect me, move me enough to get … Continue reading

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Unapologetically pink!

Historical romances with happy endings,  Princesses, ballrooms, and dukes condescending,  Movies from Disney, books with covers pink,  These are a few of my favorite things! There, I said it. I have an ever-growing romance with love stories, a romance which I’m … Continue reading

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Till graduation do us part!

Over the course of my first year as a grad student, I realized that selecting a PhD lab and a Principal Investigator (PI) to work with is analogous to choosing your life partner, only in fast-forward: you’re supposed to do … Continue reading

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