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Reason #713 why I love New York: The Strand

I want books piled on my coffee tables, I want window sills stacked high with stray books. Books lining my staircases, books forgotten behind cushions and fleece throws in cozy armchairs. Books snoozing under my pillow, tottering on nightstands, ¬†balancing on the edge of the tub. I want to live in my own little oasis of books, a little world in which my kids can grow up surrounded by witches and wizards, dragons and Shardbearers, boarding schools and midnight feasts, one-legged pirates and snarky Greek demigods. It’s a vividly colorful world, this second world I inhabit, and is a world I will welcome all my descendants into.¬† Continue reading

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Where does the heart lie?

I have a theory that I leave a little piece of my heart in every place I have ever lived – there is a sizable chunk which lives in Indore, a big piece resides in Pune, a couple of fragments in Goa and Nagpur, and most recently, a pretty significant portion in NYC. It makes for a pretty picture – a heart in pieces which span cities, countries, even continents … almost like non-creepy Horcruxes: neither deliberate, nor for immortality – these ensure that I am home no matter where I go. Continue reading

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(Dis-)Orientation Week!

“Bright lights, big city, gone to my baby’s head…” – Jimmy Reed These song lyrics seem to be running through my mind all day, like a soundtrack playing in the background as I’m living and navigating through my new life … Continue reading

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(Halfway) Around the World in One Day

And finally…the journey’s begun. I’m at the airport, waiting to board my fight to NYC via Abu Dhabi. It’s the middle of the night – kids and parents are dozing off alike, people are striding around purposefully with their strolley … Continue reading

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